"Ничто не бывает настолько Велико, чтобы не стать еще величественнее!"

Legion, 1997

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Through the Belly of Damnation


Condemnation, The Air Lies Thick With Sin And Lust, High On Conceit, From The Frantic Worship Of The Carnal And The Vain
And Judgement Came With Sturdy Wings, Dressed In The Ashes Of Yesterdays Kings, Cheers Of Pestilence, Dancing Disease, Through The Belly Of Damnation
And The Rhythm Of War, Shall Enchant Us All, And Batallions Of Plagues, To Guard Every Gate
Dazzling Jacinth, Brimstone And Flame, Unbound, Unleashed, Unstanched, Unchained, This Ban Of Destruction, These Four Winds Of Clean, Through The Belly Of Damnation To The Diaphragm Of Man
All Flesh Wareth Old As A Garment: For The Covenant From The Beginning Is, THOU SHALT DIE THE DEATH!
Honest Like A Mother's Love, A Spear Of Famine, A Wingless Dove, Raging Teeth And The Pang Of Death, To Carve Out A Fourth From The Curse That Is Man
Come And See, Come And Repent, Come And See, A Brand New Justice, Through The Belly Of Damnation To The Abode Of The Unwashed
Clawed With A Famine Divine, It Leave No Man Behind, A Race Bound, To The Falsehood Drown
Bow And Crown, Western Prophet Of False, Red Storm, From The Blood Spilled By The Eastern Sword, Northern Famine, Carried By Darkness But Slave To The Scales, A New Truth Of Southern Pale
And The Rhythm Of War, Shall Enchant Us All, Clawed With A Famine Divine, To Leave No Man Behind, And Batallions Of Plagues To Guard Every Gate, But It Is Our Own Flesh That Shall Mark The Fall

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